Reconnecting to the Earth

Art quilts by fiber artist and biologist Marty Kotter shows the viewer how intricate and beautiful the earth is and makes a case for conservation of the natural world.  Climate change is the result of humans over using earth's resources, disregarding the natural cycles and burning fossil fuels. The rapid changes in the climate are threatening the survival of many creatures including ourselves with food availability, sea level rise, frequent intense storms, drought, and wildfires.  The hope is once we understand our natural world, we can work toward reconnecting to the earth and live sustainably.

This exhibit takes you through a number of ecosystems- lakes, rivers, oceans, alpine meadows and forests with quilts made of hand painted silk and appliqued cotton. Many of these pieces are based on the artist's travels and artist residencies in Michigan and Maine. 

February 18 - March 26, 2022

Reception February 18, 6-8pm

Coffee and Conversation March 17, 12-1pm

Columbus Cultural Arts Center

Loft Gallery

139 W. Main St.

Columbus, OH 43215

Phone:  614-645-7074

website:  www.culturalartscenteronline.org


Equinox by Marty Kotter